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Police Simulator – Gaurdian & Surveillance Vehicle DLC

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Police Simulator might have released over a year ago on Xbox and our own Colin awarded it an impressive 74%, But after a buggy launch the game has gone from strength to strength and it’s easily one of (if not the) most played simulation games for me throughout 2023.
A well made and engaging game made better with regular updates and improvements, so while the recent updates allowing better crime scenes and the most recent letting you tackle feeling suspects mid-chase are all free additions to the game, there’s a handful of paid DLC available in the way of extra vehicles, so let’s take a look at the two most recent additions released this week – of the Guardian Patrol Vehicle and the Surveillance Patrol Vehicle.

FIrst up is the Guardian a large beefy polive van, which will allow you to transport upto 6 suspects at once, perfect for those more complciated crime-scenes, or when you’d casually arrived at a multicar pile-up after a few too many people have decided to drive home from the pub.

Secondly is the Surveillance Patrol Vehicle, it might look pretty similar to a fe wof the cars already in the game, but it’s equipped with a high-tech surveillance camera which will allow you to record multiple car-related felonies.

Both packs are available separately for only £2.49 which is a real bargain.
Unlike many games, there’s no key-content locked behind a paywall, and you’re not misisng anything important without the paid DLC, but as a fan of simualtion games, I really appreciate the approach Police Simulator have used for paid DLC.
Before these two packs, we’d also had the Urban Terrain Vehicle (transports 4 suspects), the Compact Police Vehicle (great for narrow streets and shortcuts through parks) and the Multipurpose vehicle, which allowed you to tow away vehicles as well as extra space in the trunk for extra tools.

Each of the now 5 additional vehicles, offer an alterantive, sure you can live without them, just call in a tow-truck or arrest trasnport in-game to handle it for you, but with each DLC pack, it’s offering options, especially if you’re role-playing and want to take on a shift concentrating specifically on transporting offenders, or sticking to road and car crimes.

Both cars are equally as impressive both visually and audibly, each have a unique look, with the only downside being that the Survellance Car maybe isn’t quite as easy to distinguish from the Panther and Cruiser, while the Guardian is completely unique with only it’s ability of carrying 6 suspects, closely matched by the Urban Terrain Vehicles 4-suspect capacity.

Both sound as you’d expect with the usual beeps and boops of police sirens and a similar level of quality to the existing in-game audio for vehicles, and while the Guardian might be the more unique looking vehicle, it was the surveillance car I enjoyed playing the most.
But the most important thing is, both feel, look and sound very much part of the game and not just a tacked on extra.

As mentioned above, the approach off adding unique abilities to each vehicle means they’re quality additions without being essential, but having spent many hours persuing cars, I find the enahcned tracking and crime detection on the Surveillance car a real joy to use, making it one of my first choice vehicles when on a vehicle patrol shift.

As much as patrolling 6 suspects sounds great, realistically, you’re rarely going to need more than 4, and I perosnally prefer the Urban for trasnporting suspects (upto 4) so if you’ve got that, maybe the Guardian wont be quite as appealing.
But like the Tow ability of the MPV, I find the Surveillance to feel like a really unique addition which definitely improve the experience for vehicle patrol shifts.

At only £2.49 its hard to complain about a DLC pack that adds fun and new ways to play, between the two packs, the Surveillance car is definitely my personal preference, but fans of Police Sim will want to pick up both vehicles (especially if they don’t already own the Urban Terrain Vehicle) because each add a unique new perspective to cathing and transporting those pesky criminals.

Police Simulator – Gaurdian & Surveillance Vehicle DLC

Review by Lee Palmer



At only £2.49 its hard to complain about a DLC pack that adds fun and new ways to play, between the two packs, the Surveillance car is definitely my personal preference


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