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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Review.  

This review for Police Simulator – Patrol Officers didn’t start well for me as it I noticed various glitches and bugs, while you play it on your own, but beneath all these little issues is a little gem.  

Do we give these simulator games the full attention they need I certainly didn’t at first glance.  

Look there is a car it looks like it’s floating or my character is laggy and walks funny, but as I said beyond these little bugs (which could well be ironed out by a development team that have added masses of content since the game first appeared on Steam (early-access) little over a year ago.
This is a peach of a game. I’ve not laughed so much while playing the co-operative multiplayer option while trying to be a cop on the beat. 

I played online with my fellow oldie ”Lee” the other day and the fun we both had was immense, ‘’Hey” check that car while I talk to this witness and order this person an ambulance’’. You really need to give this game a try, acting like you know what you’re doing is fun, but I guess that’s the excitement of simulating something.  

At the start of the game, most of your rounds will be done walking the beat checking out cars issuing tickets for various issues and slapping people with fines for walking across the street. the Americans call it jaywalking but hay Ho that’s another conversation for another day.  

Calling a truck to remove a car is fun, watching them turn up and cart the thing away is nice and structured. However, when you have multiple issues, this can be a bit tricky, but this is where you as a policeman or woman come into play. You have options to divert cars and arrange for medical help by using the action wheel it’s all fun and games. 

The game evolves the more you play by unlocking further places to visit, and you gain more equipment. Such things as cars and electric guns to zap people that are trying to flee the area. ‘’Get him Lee’’ he has drugs on him. I’ve got to say I must stop zapping the hot dog stand guy for not putting mustard on my dog or giving lee his doughnut.

But remember, you only have a set amount of conduct points, the more you break the rules, these points will decline and you’re more likely you will not be able to continue being a policeman or woman, I’ve been removed from service due to this so be aware.  

Police Simulator: Patrol Offices on the Xbox can be found for £34.99 and the urban terrain vehicle DLC for £2.49.  

There have been some moments while playing this game alone and hasn’t been the best experience but playing with someone make this game come into its own. I could sit here reeling off all its bad points but that would be unfair on the many, many good points and the overall engagement, especially when playing co-operatively, which is where Patrol Officers really starts to shine, despite its shortcomings, this the game is enjoyable for the right reasons and is worth every penny in my eyes and is a break from the vast majority of games you’re probably playing. 

So, if you have a spare second have a look at this game, it’s one that would I would overlook, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Brighton P.D and will be heading back to zap some crimes in the near future.  

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers

Review by Colin Cashin



On one hand, it’s riddled with launch bugs, on the other it’s a fantastic, immersive simulation that really excels when you’ve got a partner against crime.


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