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welcome to Xbox Oldies, the Xbox website for experienced gamers.

Xbox Oldies originally surfaced many years ago and in 2022 two of the three original founders returned to respawn the light-hearted Xbox website, with a difference.

Unlike most gaming websites, Xbox Oldies isn’t a “business for profit” it’s more a professional hobby, so you won’t see advertisements on every page, and we don’t rely on click-bait articles to bring in hundreds of thousands of views every month, we want to concentrate on what we feel is important, enjoying Xbox and sharing opinions.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry between us, both myself Lee & friend and co-owner Colin know that our readers would rather have quality content rather than the same recycled news from every other gaming website.

This doesn’t mean you won’t find general news here, but don’t expect to see every single story covered when it’s been seen a thousand times across the internet already, instead we pride ourselves on news that interests us and we feel deserves a little more exposure, such as indie games and lesser known genres, but most of all we prefer to concentrate on reviews.

With experience writing reviews for regional, mainstream and specialist press, covering outlets from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of unique viewers every month, both Lee & Colin love to share their opinions on what they’re playing.

Reviews are always an extended opinion, so while we hope readers check back often for our latest reviews, we aren’t trying to trap viewers with fancy gimmicks, instead we encourage you all to check other websites, have a look at opencritic and metacritic and get a variety of opinions before deciding whether to make that next gaming purchase.

We have faith that our reviews are fair, accurate and unbiased so we look forward to seeing our readers time and time again.
You can read more about our Review System – here.