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House Flipper 2 delayed, but PC gamers eat well this Spring.

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Over on PC, they’re already eating well with House Flipper 2 released last December and the new Spring update on the horizon.
The Spring update enriches the game with new furnishings, decorations, and gameplay features, delivering highly anticipated content to the community.

New Items:

  • Chic curtains and flooring options, including uniquely laid carpets
  • Sophisticated blinds, along with lifelike flames for fireplaces and candles
  • Spring-exclusive order items, a useful ladder, and snug pillows for extra comfort

Enhanced Mechanics:

  • Relish the ability to rest in beds to restore your character’s energy
  • Directly sell stairs and roofing in the campaign
  • Adjust the size of objects in Flipper Mode to ensure they fit perfectly in any area

Exciting Additions:

  • Greet 4 new buyers, each presenting distinct tastes and requirements
  • Check out a newly available house and tackle a fresh mission order
  • Take on a special task from Nico and Carol to make their residence a bastion of well-being!

Sadly, we haven’t got the release of House Flipper 2, but we will not only get the above Spring update, but also the new “April Fools” update on release.
The bad news is, that’s going to be a little later than expected with Frozen Way confirming that House Flipper 2 has been delayed from it’s initial March release date and will now launch on the 10th April

There’s more good news for PC gamers, with the new Dine out DLC announced for the first game, but as usual, there’s no console parity, so we don’t have a release date for the console launch of the DLC, meaning anyone waiting to flip more houses is probably better sticking to the launch of the sequel in a months time.

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