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Monster Energy Supercross 6 Review

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It’s been a while since I played my last monster supercross game, and I can remember it didn’t fare well, and I’d really hoped that it would play better than the last one.

I like my motorbikes more than the average man. However, my evil knevel days are over since trying to kill myself on an Aprila 125 RS, but not in the gaming world. You can’t stop me, Heather.

Milestone’s signature series have let me down in the previous years, and I was dubious to play this game following the let downs I’ve received previously.

Rev your engines and let your 4 stoke engine roar we’re ready to review this exhilarating and exciting game they call Supercross, if you’ve played any of the Monster Energy Supercross series we are now on to the 6 and most recent instalment. As I’ve said, in my previous reviews, I love speed and any game with wheels. It so floats my boat in so many ways. Bring it on.

Supercross 6 has made some headway. It feels like the handling has improved a lot; if I was going back to my last game played in this franchise, it was utter dog shit to play and so unresponsive. This feels like I’ve had my eyeballs taken out and dowsed in turps. What an improvement.

You still need to perfect the balance of the bike, and taking corners will still need you to slow down somewhat, I jumped into my first game and wasn’t disappointed at all and started my career.

In most sport games nowadays you have to create your main character, will I go with a beard or a goatee these are the first challenges you face, then it’s all about starting off on the rookie circuit. The first couple of the races gently eases you into the game. Its all about getting your bearings and balance right, the one thing if I was going to be picky about in the game It would be the AI’s they seem to get in the way and don’t 100% feel fluid at times as they fly about all over the place. Also, the details of the track and dirt could have been a bit more detailed, but other than that, the game plays and feels relatively good.

I must offer milestones some brownie points as the skills of the AI’s are slightly improved and are more challenging the further into the game you get. The more races you win, the more points you will gather, which you can factor into your character, making your skills more responsive and helping the game experience come to life.

Playing with your accessories is a really nice aspect of the game everyone loves to be sporting a pair of Oakleys goggles and boots and adding a dash of colour to them makes you stand out to the crowd and pleasing your eyes while making your twist and turns on the track.

If your looking for this game to be in the same category as a Top A game you will be slightly disappointed as I feel like the pit girls look like there faces look like the type of graphics you played in goldeneye that was released recently, I know that sounds a tad harsh but you would expect that as most games you play now adays should be geared you for the Xbox Series X and S but let’s be honest we didn’t buy these consoles to play less graphical games, we bought them to play games that’s a treat to your eyes.

After playing the 17 tracks in the game, I took to playing the other side of the game visiting the Supercross Park which I was pleasantly surprised and also was fun to play, I would advise playing this between tracks as this park will help you understand the fundamental controls of how to move the bike around the track, by making sharp turns and whipping your bike around tricky corners. As I missed the last instalment of the game, the Rhythm Attack mode is the newest mode to be added. Testing 1 v 1 battle to the end through a variety of challenges who will be the one to come out the winner.

So its that time again would I recommend this game to others, 100% I would this game has made a huge jump in the right direction, however the asking price I feel for £59.99 is to be questioned.

Monster Energy Supercross 6

Colin Cashin



So its that time again would I recommend this game to offers, 100% I would this game has made a huge jump in the right direction, however the asking price I feel for £59.99 is to be questioned.


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