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Clash: Artifacts of Chaos Review.

Well, it’s finally the weekend and time to review another game. This time it’s the latest game from ACE Team Clash : Artifacts of Chaos.

So, my first thoughts on this game are that wow the colours and animation look like they are straight out of a comic book, I love the way they have made it look so pleasing and a work of art – bang on guys it looks mint.

With that in mind, let’s look into the game itself. You are suddenly immersed into the world and without a really understanding of what is going on. Who am I playing? What am I? All I understand I’m a thing called Pseudo.

The main character of the game Pseudo comes in two parts, during the day he plays the flesh driven creature and by night he turns in to a wooden version of his former self, kind of like them art doll you get given at college but that can punch and kick.

Pseudo story begins when he adopts a little creature after witnessing its granddad die in an unfair fight this help’s you into the games mechanics and explains the games moves and commands.

Starting the game everything really does look good, however it really did confuse me at the start as certain areas of the game were far to dark and caused me to get lost from time to time, what I did like when I finally jumped into fleshy Pseudo and it became daylight, everything started to look good again and I started to look for the ingame items and squeeze past bushes that I didn’t see while it was dark.

When I started to get into the game and went looking for action, I started to stumble on various mobs and just wanted to kick and punch the shit out of everything. The games combat system has various built-in animations, I really did like the fact that certain actions can be put together and holding the right bumper button puts you into first person mode and makes the fight become a little bit more up front and personal. Get ya, Bruce Lee on.

The dodging is really sluggish, and variations of your moves are limited when it comes to range attacks, the best approach to fist fight your way out of everything. From my first play, it was punch, punch punch ‘’this is the way’’. I really should stop watching the Mandalorian. When you get beat and die, you have the option to go back and revive yourself with wooden pseudo.

The side of the game that I’d felt that let me down the most was you’d needed to explore the area’s indepth, it always seemed that I’ll be checking the same area over and over again, it was like ground hog day. Oh, look at this area I’ve been here before haven’t I. The areas that I explored never really had any guidance or a point that you needed to follow it was purely walk about and explore some more.

You really need to have some patience when playing this game, as you will need a lot of it. You can level up Pseudos’ stats by accessing the training dummy at your base camp. You will need to start collecting dolls while wandering the area and then burning them. I’m not sure why you have to burn dolls, but hay, my main gripe was that you could never find a furnace when you needed one.

Clash Artifact’s of chaos is challenging game. the combat system is fast-paced, but the exploration side of the game is hard and, at times, tougher than Mike Tyson in his heyday. I’m kind of sitting on the fence with this game. It looks amazing. However, the structure and the lack of guidance in the game leaves me really confused. I really need to have some time away from this game. I’d really enjoyed what I’ve played so far and would like to come back to it again with a fresh set of eyes and a clear mind.

So the question is, would I say this game is worth playing? Yeah I would the graphics are beautiful and the longevity will keep you sucked in to a degree, however the only let down was how the in game map is totally useless and to get your bearings is a task at times.

Is it worth the money? Well, at £34.99 I would say it is a fair price, and for the money, it’s not a bad shout.

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

Colin Cashin



Your fists and speed are your greatest weapons. Attack, dodge, stun, block, counter a parry to land a special attack, switch to first-person view to perform unique techniques: each time, it’s up to you to seize the occasion to achieve victory and avoid mistakes that could quickly prove fatal.


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