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Fortnite: Chapter 3 Finale & C4 Cameos

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Fortnite Chapter 3 drew to a close this evening with the Herald finally covering the island in chrome leaving a catastrophic end..

You can watch the full finale right here, that we streamed live on Twitch and pay special attention to the final FMV at 36:16, because there were a few cameo appearances that are as good as confirmed for a Chapter 4.

Could we be looking at a montage season with all the best bits of chapter 1-3 returning and what about all of those Cameos, let’s take a look at a few screengrabs below because I think there could be more than the three obvious cameos hidden away.

Firstly a look at the new map, it’s great to see a large snow section as we’ll no doubt be getting a Christmas event in the next week or two. There’s also a familiar aora bottom left, similar to what we saw near the reality tree, and the zero point seems to be just right of centre, above a very green area, in contrast there’s quite a barren looking space to the right.

There’s no really obvious landmarks that we noticed, so maybe the Chapter will begin with old landmarks from Chapter 1-3 crashing into the new island .

Onto those cameo appearances, and there’s three obvious ones starting with Geralt, but pay close attention to the mountain to his right.

There a white figure at the top of the mountain, and it stands out a little too much to be insignicant, especially when you see the lighting compared to he mountain when you zoom in .though we can’t decipher what it reminds me off, my first thought was armour from Phantasy Star Online, or Sword Art Online, or maybe Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Next up is the Doom Guy, this one’s a little more straightforward, and while there’s probably something obvious staring us in the face, I’m yet to find anything more.

The third obvious cameo is Mr Beast, once again, we’re not aware of anything else in this shot, but remember you can watch the finale in full with the video embedded at the top of this post.

With the obvious cameos out of the way, we noticed a pattern, there were no returning skins shown, and every character seemed a very specific placement.

Except for one, which is why the next image caught our eye,

Obviously the Hulk on a little bike is supposed to stand out, as it also seems to be confirming the long awaited motorbikes arriving in chapter 4, but what about that statue behind him, With the blue band, odd shaped head, and what looks like the top of two swords behind, I can’t help think that Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the real star of this show.

There’s no sign of the often rumoured Family Guy collaboration, but there are two more figures in the finale, we aren’t quite sure of…

Firstly, this one sitting on the edge of the phone box , we’re not sure from the screengrab, but with every other figure a pretty clear cameo or a seemingly a well hidden secret, we can’t help but think this could be another forthcoming skin.

Edit: many comments on Twitter are drawing comparisons to Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid, we just hope Sniper Wolf is in that phone booth with him.

Finally, there’s one more shadowy figure seen on a boat in the top right of the following shot, it’s really not clear, so our best guess is someone who’s folded their top over their head to make a t-shirt ninja mask.

We honestly think that every character in this video was very specific and each seems to be clearly showcasing either a new skin or gameplay mechanic, With Chapter 4 rumoured to launch tomorrow morning, it won’t be long until we find out at least some of the new chapter’s secrets, but no doubt it could be weeks or even months before everything in the finale truly starts to make sense.

If you spot any others, be sure to let us know on Twitter.

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