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Build something out of this world with the Construction Sim – Spaceport expansion

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We’ve created new business districts, helped the city approach a greener future and if you picked up the first major “airport” expansion, you’ll helped drag that green feeling back down with the impressive carbon footprint produced from bringing more aeroplanes around the skies,

But if you really want to burn off some jet fuel, you’ll want to check out the next SpacePort Expansion coming to Construction Simulator on the 21st November, It’s a little more than the Airport expansion, but it’s got some mighty aspirations beside that higher price tag, with over 40 hours of additional content.

Construction Simulator® – Spaceport Expansion

  • The latest DLC brings a completely new and independent campaign map into the game.
  • On the new map, the most extensive construction tasks in the history of the game series are waiting for the players: building-up a rocket launch base and associated infrastructure!
  • Brand new setting: a tropical-inspired peninsula!
  • More than 40 hours of additional gameplay!
  • To be released on November 21, for 19.99 EUR / 19.99 USD (SRP) as a separate DLC in the digital stores.
  • Alternatively, also available as part of the Construction Simulator® – Year 1 Season Pass or together with the main game as Construction Simulator® – Spaceport Bundle.

With Construction Simulator® – Spaceport Expansion, construction-enthusiasts can look forward to truly ambitious and enormously extensive construction jobs. In the latest DLC for the popular construction simulation, players can expect a completely new campaign map on which they can prove their skills in the construction of a rocket launching base including the associated infrastructure!

On a tropical peninsula, it’s time to reach for the stars! Two new clients are available here, which will provide the players with the most extensive construction contracts in the history of the popular simulation game series. Starting with the development and expansion of the infrastructure, the construction of new traffic routes, a futuristic research center, a gigantic structure for the assembly of the rocket, a large viewing platform for spectators of the planned spectacle, up to the construction of the impressive rocket launch pad!

Each of the construction phases will offer enormous variety, so that even in multiplayer sessions all players will get a lot of work to do! Whether it’s excavating, transporting materials, road construction, pouring concrete, crane works or other work steps, the extensive vehicle fleet as well as the talent of the construction-enthusiast will be tested here intensively!

As a reward for their efforts, players get to witness a hopefully successful launch of the rocket at the end of the 40+ hour campaign!

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