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Train Valley 2: Community Edition – Review in progress

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Train Valley 2 is a train tycoon micro-management game giving players the opportunity to steam ahead with the industrial revolution. Building railroads, upgrading locomotives and keeps trains on schedule.

This community edition also includes the “Passengers Flow”, “Myths & Rails” and “Editors Bulletin” DLC’s, but there’s also a massive collection of 158 community made levels.

It might sound as packed as Picadilly Station at 8am on a Monday morning, but at £20 is the fare a little steep for this ticket.

As always, I’d love to answer that question, with plenty more paragraphs filled with train themed puns, but there seems to be leaves on the track, so in true British fashion, were not going to do anything.

The actual reason is, the screenshot you see above is all we could see, upon loading the game, we were greeted with this main menu, however no button commands would work and the game was completely frozen and unresponsive,

We’ve all arrived at the station too early, so naturally we went to grab a coffee and started again, uninstalling, reinstalling and hoping to get on the tracks, but once again there’s no loco and we’re completely stuck on the main menu.

We will of course return further down the line, in the the engineers have finished their coffee break, but as it stands, it’s impossible for us to review Train Valley 2: Community Edition, so as promising as it might look, we have to recommend you wait before purchasing your ticket, unless you hear elsewhere that the above problem is fully resolved.

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