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Top Racer: Collection – Start your Engines

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The top Racer collection is only a few weeks away and we’ve got news about new online modes in the 4-game retro bundle due to hit the starting line on the 7th March.

QUByte Interactive is pleased to announce the second video in the “INSIDE TOP RACER” series, showcasing some of the features of the Top Racer Collection. In the first video, we provided detailed insights into the online mode. In this latest episode, we’ll dive into the Custom Cup and Time Attack modes.

  • Custom Cup – In this mode, you can choose 4 tracks to make up a cup of your choice! Choose your favorite game and race for yourself, your friends or even online.
  • Time Attack – Against the Clock mode is perfect for players who love a good challenge. In this mode, the player will be able to set records on the maps of the 4 games available. Be the world’s best or the best in your neighborhood!

Top Racer Collection brings back the classic charm of the 90s in one package! Gathering three iconic games from the renowned racing franchise, the title features online capabilities, nostalgic filters, campaign mode, and more. Accelerate and immerse yourself in the nostalgic blend of action and addictive gameplay!

The Top Racer Collection includes classic titles such as Top Racer, Top Racer 2, and Top Racer 3000. Additionally, the collection will introduce the brand-new Top Racer Crossroads and other exclusive content.

Originally released for older systems, Top Racer captivated players with its engaging gameplay, vibrant graphics, and iconic soundtracks.

Launching on March 7th for PC, PS4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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