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Reviewing the OpenCritic way

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When we relaunched Xbox Oldies, I wanted to make sure our reviews where straightforward, with a simple score out of 100%.

As we look forward, listing our reviews with the team at OpenCritic has always been a target…
Reviews are subjective, they’re an opinion by one person, and while I pride XboxOldies on having a fair, unbiased and neutral opinion, it’s not going to please everyone.
So, while I hope our readers enjoy our reviews, I equally hope they check out other reviews and make an informed decision about games they play from a variety of sources.

That is why I have decided to use the Open Critic “Way”,
We will be adding the mighty man system from OpenCritic, (on all reviews, past and future) to help users with a simple, familiar way of seeing the overall impressions of a game, The mighty man badge will also link to the Opencritic page (if available) for the reviewed title.


  • 84% & above – Mighty: Games averaging in the 90th or above percentile
  • 75% to 83% – Strong: Games averaging in the 60th to 90th percentile

“Not Recommended” (But possibly still very good for some gamers)

  • 66% to 74% – Fair: Games averaging in the 30th to 60th percentile
  • 65% & below – Weak: Games averaging in the bottom 30 percent of games

As you can see above, each mighty-man sticker will be awarded using the same standards used on OpenCritic.
To further simplify our opinions, a score of 75% or above will be regarded as “Recommended”, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out games under that score, but maybe pay a little attention to the review and see if it’s a genre and style you might like.

We hope in the coming months, we’ll also have our reviews listed on OpenCritic, but rest assured our opinions and scores will not be any different, these adjustments are solely to make them even easier for our thousands of viewers to understand.

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