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Project Winter’s Free Pass is live! 

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You can officially backstab your friends for free with the launch of Project Winter‘s Free Pass on Steam! This new version of the game offers a limited Project Winter experience for free and is crossplay compatible with all platforms!

Project Winter’s Free Pass currently provides players with two Daily Tokens which can be used to play two matches of any game mode type or be used to try our DLC, Blackout. Although there is limited access to character customization and progression, players have full access to the tutorial, all game mode types, matchmaking, the ability to earn currency, and see their progress towards our Progression Trees.

While some areas of the game are restricted – like the ability to spend currency in the Store, open Drops, or earn login and holiday rewards – players who decide to upgrade to the full game will carry over much of what they have earned during the demo including their social rank, currency, and progression status.

Project Winter’s Free Pass went live on January 10, so head on over to Steam to try it out now for FREE and be sure to check out our YouTube video to see more details!


About Project Winter

Project Winter is an 8-player multiplayer game focused on social deception and survival. Communication and teamwork is essential to the survivors’ ultimate goal of escape. Gather resources, repair structures, and brave the wilderness together. Just beware there are traitors within the group working to sabotage your chances of getting out alive by any means necessary!

Project Winter is available for $9.99 USD on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S|One, and Windows10.

For more information about Project Winter, please visit the official website or follow Project Winter on TwitterInstagramReddit, and Discord.


About Other Ocean

Other Ocean is an award-winning Canadian studio, creator of the global hit Project Winter, which has surpassed 3 million players and has gained numerous awards and accolades over the years. They have a proven track record of successful original products and have been a trusted partner for a wide variety of game industry giants over 15 years including Capcom, Xbox Game Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Disney, Konami, Electronic Arts, Sega, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. and others.

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