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Project Downfall – become a freaky Johnny Wick doppelganger

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From one of the top publishers for Nintendo Switch – RedDeer.Games, and the developers – MGP Studios and Solid9 Studio, comes the anticipated release of Project Downfall on Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles. Players can visit the city of Crimson Tide starting February 2 and see the new order of the world for themselves.

Project Downfall is an action-packed, pixel shooter set in a cyberpunk like world, where the present is drastically different from ours. The players will be thrown into the life of a not-so-regular citizen and smashed with gunfights left and right, where both reflexes and tactical thinking will be of the essence.

You play the role of a Corpo employee backed up with Superpowers, Various upgrades and more! it will be down to you to turn the tide!

With a possibility of 12 different endings, you’ll have fun discovering the various different endings and possibilities.

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Project Downfall will be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles on February 2, right now it’s available on Steam.

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