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New Exoprimal™ Co-op Challenge Mode​​​​​​​Savage Gauntlet Deploys.

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Exofighters! Data from the wargames has been exemplary since the launch of Exoprimal™ this month, and now Leviathan has authorized its most exciting combat project yet. Prepare for Savage Gauntlet! This brand-new co-op game mode arrives today for the online team-based action game and challenges players to survive and battle for glory. Savage Gauntlet is free for all Exoprimal players across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows, with Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and Cloud, and on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and PC via Steam.
Savage Gauntlet takes the wargames to the next level with special missions for courageous players. These combat tests feature late-game content that unlocks upon completing the story in Dino Survival mode. In Savage Gauntlet, five Exofighters join forces to take on intense player versus environment (PvE) challenges that change every week. This dynamic mode will feature a rotation of rules and scenarios that provide a high level of difficulty tuned for experienced players and powered-up Exosuits.
Beyond surviving against massive hordes of dinosaurs, Savage Gauntlet’s weekly missions invite the Exoprimal community to compete for the fastest completion time on global leaderboards for each platform. These time-attack missions are replayable, allowing players to discover new strategies and obtain higher rankings. Exofighters are encouraged to re-envision their success and explore various team compositions and Module combos. Squads who achieve high rankings will also earn awards for their performance.
Savage Gauntlet missions begin each week on Thursdays at 8pm PDT. The competitions will run through Mondays at 7:59pm PDT. To learn more, please visit the Exoprimal official information website.
Capcom is supporting Exoprimal with seasonal title updates that introduce significant new content. Alongside Savage Gauntlet, Season 1 includes the release of 10 new Alpha variant Exosuits on Aug. 16, 2023. These Alpha variant Exosuit designs feature unique weapon loadouts and playstyles that contrast with their default models. Season 2 begins in mid-October 2023 and will include the addition of a new map, mission type, Rigs, Modules, and the highly anticipated Street Fighter™ 6 crossover content. In January 2024, Season 3 will introduce Beta variant Exosuits, a new Neo Triceratops boss enemy, and a collaboration with the Monster Hunter™ series among other things. Please stay tuned for additional information on these seasonal content updates and more in the future.
The latest Exoprimal assets can be found at the Capcom Press Center and Exoprimal YouTube channel.

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