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Kingdom and Castles Review

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Kingdom and castles is a fun and charming game where you build a town and pleasing the kingdom by building things and watching it grown while your residence live their lives.

You’ll begin buy placing a blocky castle on your land which you’ve wisely selected. First, you’re going to need resources wood stone and what ever materials you can find oh look at that forest over there that’ll need to go. For I’m the god of Oldies Land and I build stuff.

Kingdom and castles is a medieval sim Minecraft building looking game where everything is blocky and while you try and grown your new towns existence.

You’ll find that the start of the game is a bit of a slow burner chopping lumber and building your community and remembering that all places you build will need a road as you start and wait for your city to thrive and watch new villagers to stop by and maybe move in because its great and the place to be.

Once you’ve got a steady amount of people things will start to improve building more ways of improving the standard of your town, farming fishing baking breeding creating a market its all about improving the standard of living, maybe I’ll place a park or even a library.

Some of the town can be quiet needy so keep an eye on what they are asking for and how there attitude is as this indication will help you developed and evolve and to be honest it’ll attract more people.

While you farm, mine, and build an adorable town you’ll also have to defend against dragons, Vikings, and unhappy peasants that want to raid and pillage your city, get back I’m gonna throw my stick at you.

The first threat appeared just after I started building a structured village with a few roads and homes for my new folk that have decided to stay, when a bloody big blocky dragon ascended on my village flapping around and setting my newly built homes on fire, what a b$%tard….

You’ll just have to suck it up at first as I didn’t even think I needed defences, right then at that point I best start building some people and a army for any attacks that will come at me in the future.

You’ll have then to start thinking about what things will be needed, build a treasury so you can start taxing the peasants so you can use the money to build defensive towers and archers and ballista’s and some barracks to train up your Newley formed army.

The only thing I didn’t like was there wasn’t really a tutorial at the start of the game, but I’m honest it’s a good old-fashioned click and build type of game and I’ve played a few over the years to just sink into the game and well plod on as usual.

So while I’ve started to build my newly formed army and walls around my place I come home to a Viking army attacking me which came in from the north on a boat to steal all my money I’ve just collected of folk. Great stuff man I need to get some defences up and quick.

You can play kingdom and castles without any threats and can play just on build at your leisure, but really what’s the fun in that, I feel that you need the game to have some kind of element and disruption as i feel it brings the game to life.

The controls on the Xbox pad are very easy to use and easy to adapt and understand it didn’t really take me to long to get a grasp of what button did what and away I went.

The sound in the game isn’t really anything to write home about and to be perfectly honest its just where it needs to be nothing really extravagant and sets the scene when an attack is taking place.

Kingdom and castles doesn’t have a massive dept to the game but what I’ve played so far is very entertaining and would highly recommend.

Kingdoms and Castles can be bought from the Xbox store for just under £13 and I’d 100% say is worth every penny.

Kingdom and Castles

Colin Cashin



Kingdoms and Castles is a city-building video game developed by Lion Shield. In the game, players build and expand a medieval town while defending it from dragons and Vikings. 


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