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Jusant is out NOW!

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It’s not always easy to keep up with every new release this time of year and Jusant completely slipped past me, but today the new Puzzle adventure game from the fantastic Dontnod has released and it’s looking pretty awesome.
We’ll have a full review up early next week, but until then, here’s the release announcement and trailer.

DON’T NOD is thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated action-puzzle climbing game, Jusant, today. The game is available on SteamXbox Series X|S (including Xbox Game Pass), and PlayStation 5. It is also supported by Nvidia GeForce Now.

Jusant’s original soundtrack, composed by Guillaume Ferran, will be available on Steam; players can buy it alone or get the game and the soundtrack together in the Soundtrack Bundle. This remarkable soundtrack will also be available on digital platforms on day one, courtesy of our partner Kid Katana Records.

This new trailer features a closer look at the climbing gameplay, reconnecting with nature, uncovering the tower’s past, and adapting to climb new and more challenging environments. See more of the game’s beautiful biomes, the Ballast, and the different ways you can climb.

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