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Have a scrap with a new Clash: Artifacts of Chaos Trailer

Clash: Artifcats of Chaos is heading to Xbox in March, and we’ve got a fresh trailer showcasing a quick scrap, titled the “Corwid Fight”. Find the full trailer followed by the official press release below

The world of Zenozoik, where the action of Clash: Artifacts of Chaos takes placeis home to various clans. The Corwids are one such clan. These beings live on the fringes of society and are driven by an insatiable need for freedom. This “freedom” manifests as a form of eccentricity, which makes them extremely dangerous. Axylon is the perfect example: both arrogant and disturbed by his obsessive behaviour, this Corwid is a formidable foe.
The hero of our adventure, Pseudo, must confront this adversary because Axylon has one of the Great Artifacts in his possession. In his quest to protect The Boy from the tyrant Gemini, Pseudo must obtain these Great Artifacts. Although Axylon initially seems inclined to stake his Artifact in the Ritual – an ancient tradition based on a game of dice – the situation rapidly turns nasty. Axylon sabotages the game, leaving Pseudo with no other option: he will have to resort to violence to seize the Artifact!
Preorders for Clash: Artifacts of Chaos are now available. By preordering the game, you will receive two exclusive skins for Pseudo. Even the most cynical and solitary recluses sometimes want to change their look!

The standard version and ZENO EDITION of Clash: Artifacts of Chaos will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Steam and Epic Games Store on 9 March 2023. The ZENO EDITION includes the base game as well as the Supporter Pack with exclusive skins, the official digital artbook and the game’s original soundtrack.

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