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Discover the life of hotel guests with – This Bed We Made

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Having just spent a few nights away with the wife, I don’t want to think what the hotel staff think of us right now, but you can find out about hotel guests and all their secrets in This Bed We Made, a third-person narrative mystery game that allows you to indulge your curiosity about the hidden lives of others.

Take on the role of Sophie, a nosy chambermaid in the 1950s, and discover the sinister mystery that binds the hotel guests through the strange objects they bring on their travels.

This Bed We Made launches on PC and PS5 on the 1st November, but we’ll have to wait until 14th December for the Xbox Series X|S release.

Neo-Noir Meets Immersive Storytelling

Players will soon have the opportunity to delve into the mysterious world of This Bed We Made. Set in the 1950s, the game invites you to become Sophie, a chambermaid in a hotel where every guest has a story to tell—and secrets to hide. Experience a rich narrative journey, filled with exploration, intricate puzzles, and choices that directly influence the story’s progression. Will you be able to discover the secrets tucked away in each room and solve the mystery that links them?

???? NEO-NOIR INVESTIGATION: Discover a dark, mysterious and intriguing story with a touch of glamour and murder as you explore three atmospheric floors of the Clarington Hotel;

???? GUILTY PLEASURE: Explore your (in)discreet fascination with other peoples’ lives while you inspect their belongings in 360° and solve puzzles;

???? CONFIDENTIAL RELATIONSHIPS: Form intimate bonds with hotel employees and guests, including your choice of ally between street-smart Beth and book-smart Andrew;

???? LIFELIKE CONSEQUENCES: Every action taken, and every door opened, can have an impact on how the story unfolds… including how you tidy up the rooms!

The Unconventional Storytellers Behind the Game

Lowbirth Games distinguishes itself through its dedication to diverse and innovative storytelling. Comprised of a talented team of women, queer people, and allies, the studio has already earned accolades, including a recognition by as one of the best places to work in Canada. After several years of collaborative effort, the team’s genuine passion shines through in every aspect of This Bed We Made, making it a true labor of love.

Why This Bed We Made Is a Must-Experience Game

Tailored for an underserved yet passionate audience hungry for narrative depth, This Bed We Made delivers an intricate story featuring instantly lovable characters. Its voice performances, which earned the game the Best Vocal Performance award at MEGAMIGS 2022, complement intriguing puzzles that play a vital role in the evolving narrative, alongside emotionally charged decisions that lead to multiple endings. All of this unfolds against a backdrop of stunning visuals and a soundtrack that beautifully captures the Hitchcockian atmosphere.

Special Launch Day Offer

To thank early birds and long-time fans, an exclusive 15% discount will be available for the first week following the game’s release. While the spotlight is on the initial launch, the game will also be available on Xbox Series X-S and PlayStation 4 starting December 13, 2023.

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