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Constructor Simulator: First Steps with Season 2

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Construction Simulator 2 has recently released it’s year 2 season pass, which promises a new career, plenty of new machines and a cosmetic pack and while most of that content is a little further down the road, we did get our hands on the brand new WB Revenger RT Pick-up truck that’s part of the new season pass.

Once you’ve picked up your season pass, you’ll need to head to the vehicle store, where you’ll be able to purchase the truck in-game for 83,000 credits (before any discounts you’ve unlocked).

Hopping into the front seat, you’ll be able to take your new ride out on the streets to explore for collectables or even utilise it to transport your friends or even limited cargo

The truck is simple to drive, reaches a good speed which makes it a much better transport option than most machinery, and is far easier to control than the Coupe, the downside is, it’s very similar to the existing pick-up truck I’ve got (which I can’t recall if that was a game purchase, or additional DLC).
The most important thing is, it looks great, its more practical than a Honda Jazz and doesn’t guzzle up fuel like its real-world counterparts.

The real bulk of the Season pass is yet to come and while I would have preferred to see the Season 2 pass released closer to (maybe a week before) a major piece of content, the Revenger AT is a welcome addition to the line-up of vehicles.

The Construction Simulator® – Year 2 Season Pass is now available for 24.99 EUR / 24.99 USD and you can read our original post about it right HERE.

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