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Cities Skylines Expands World Tour 2 and Q2 Roadmap

We may have had the announcement of Cities: Skylines 2 for later this year, but we’ve still got plenty more content heading to Cities Skylines in the next 3 months.

Starting off with three content packs exploring Africa, a variety of Sports venues and shopping malls, with 3 new radio packs detailed below, which are all due for release on the 22nd March.

There’ll also be a free Hubs & Transport update and three more content packs in May covering the Industrial Revolution, Brooklyn & Queens and the Railroads of Japan alongside two more radio packs.

The following road-map image also gives us a small tease of a Vacations mini-expansion which looks like it’s also planned for May.

First up we’ve got “Africa in Miniature” content creator pack.

Africa in Miniature, offers diverse architecture and vibrant colours with a total of 28 new buildings, 11 unique buildings, 2 monuments, 4 service buildings, 9 grow’ables and 2 props in this content creator pack designed around and inspired by the continent of Africa.

Next is the “Sports Venues” content creator pack.

Created by BadPeanut this pack expands the selection of sports venues in Cities Skylines from unique stadiums to community sports parks covering American Football, Baseball, Football/Soccer and much more.

The third content pack is “Shopping Malls” content creator pack.

Shopping malls by KingLeno, provides a range of malls and shopping venues to fill your downtown shopping needs.

We don’t have specific details on the contents on the Radio Packs, but you can see their confirmed names and key-art below.

Jadia Radio Pack

80’s Movie Tunes Radio Pack

Pop-Funk Radio Pack

We’re hoping to have reviews for each of these Content Creator packs in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the Oldies for plenty more about Cities Skylines.

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