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CATAN – Console Edition: The Helpers, Season Pass, AND Super Deluxe editions are OUT NOW on PlayStation and Xbox.

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The first official expansion arrives to CATAN! The Helpers is available as a standalone piece of DLC, a part of the Season Pass, or a part of the Super Deluxe edition.

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CATAN – Console Edition: The Helpers is out today, representing the first official DLC to come to CATAN – Console Edition. By introducing new rules and cards, The Helpers adds an additional layer of strategy while also taking nothing away from gathering family and friends to play CATAN together round the couch, or all online on the board that truly comes to life!

The official console version of The Helpers, available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X/S consoles, has been in development courtesy of Dovetail Games, with help from their friends over at Nomad Games. The same team who brought you the CATAN – Console Edition base game.

Players can call on the skills and services of CATAN’s most influential inhabitants as you strive to become the winning Catanian. Players will need to remember that they’re not the only ones seeking the assistance of CATAN’s best and brightest…

Fans of the original physical release of The Helpers expansion will be intimately familiar with the rules and nuances of this game and will be pleased to know that the new digital version is like-for-like with the original expansion by way of rules and character abilities.

The Helpers expansion adds an additional layer of strategy (and fun) to the base game of CATAN by introducing 12 characters known as Helpers. Each Helper brings their own unique and specialised skills to give players a strategic advantage in developing their fledgling communities into thriving cities. The rules and conditions of victory remain the same as it was in the base game, but the way to get there is just a bit more intriguing. Players will need to make sure you they own the base CATAN: Console Edition game to make use of this expansion.

So, while owners of the base game can pick up The Helpers expansion by itself, the Season Pass offers additional content of which The Helpers forms a part.

The Season Pass is the ultimate way for players to get instant access to upcoming content coming to CATAN – Console Edition, for a single discounted cost. In picking up the Season Pass, players will get complete access to The Helpers right now, and three seasonal cosmetic packs (“Reap & Sow: Fall Content Pack”, “Ice & Snow: Winter Content Pack”, and “Bloom & Grow: Spring Content Pack”) as well as access to a larger expansion in the form of Cities & Knights when they release.

The seasonal content packs will contain:

Reap & Sow: Fall Content Pack
• The joys of fall and the spookiest of seasons comes to CATAN with Fall-themed content.
• Fall-themed artwork, including tiles, dice, and frames.
• New characters!
• Harvest festival aesthetics with pumpkins, crunchy leaves, scarecrows, and more!

Ice & Snow: Winter Content Pack
• Winter-themed artwork, including tiles, dice, and frames.
• More new characters!
• Snow-kissed and pristine, enhance your maps with snowy trees, snowmen, icebergs, and friendly orcas!

Bloom & Grow: Spring Content Pack
• Spring-themed artwork, including tiles, dice, and frames.
• Even more new characters! • No verdant and pastoral springtime would be complete without world objects such as trees in bloom, baby lambs, rainbows, and chirping birds!

While these offerings already assume players own the base CATAN game, also releasing today is CATAN – Console Edition: Super Deluxe – allowing players the opportunity to own the base game of CATAN, The Helpers expansion, and five Championship maps, based on the real-life game boards used in the CATAN World Championships.

CATAN – Console Edition: The Helpers is out now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S consoles.

CATAN – Console Edition: The Helpers = £6.99/$9.99/€8.99

CATAN – Console Edition: Season Pass = £24.99/$29.99/€29.99

CATAN – Console Edition: Super Deluxe = £24.99/$29.99/€29.99

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Created by Klaus Teuber and originally released in Germany in 1995, CATAN (formerly “The Settlers of Catan”) is a contemporary classic and today available in more than 40 languages. It has sold more than 40 million units worldwide and its universe of games consists of numerous expansions, extensions, scenarios, standalone games and digital adaptations. CATAN is developed by CATAN GmbH ( and released by several publishing partners around the world.

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