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A Slice of Luxury for House flipper

Waiting is no more! Welcome to Moonrise Bay – Luxury DLC for Xbox and PlayStation is officially out, containing some exciting features!
Console players are finally getting Luxury – the biggest DLC in the House Flipper family.
Over the past months, the Frozen District development team has been working hard to ensure that even more players can enjoy the best possible House Flipper gaming experience.

House Flipper: Luxury DLC was initially supposed to be a minor content expansion, but the devs went overboard with it, and after months of development, it now is House Flipper’s biggest DLC!
It packs a ton of new mechanics, hundreds of items, and over ten new houses to flip! Not to mention it’s available NOW on Xbox and PlayStation platforms!

 Luxury DLC contains:
– 12 new jobs with unique cutscenes
– 12 luxurious houses
– A brand new environment
– An interactive map of the region (Moonrise Bay)
– Vintage furniture renovation and creative quests mechanics
– Door and window repositioning and placement.
– Indoor swimming pools
– New items available in the shop
House Flipper is designed for players who look for relief and relaxation in their gaming experience. Taking on renovation jobs, arranging, and decorating houses doesn’t require much time. This way, the player can experience the feeling of accomplishment after only a few hours of gameplay, but who would want to stop playing that quickly with all the content coming with this DLC?

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