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Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit’s Diary – Review

Most of the world should be familiar with Alice in wonderland or of fairy tales surrounding this make-believe world.

If not, go watch the film or read a book to your kids.

White Rabbits diary is a story-based game that is set within the nation of wonderland, which is divided into four parts: hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds.

Every year, the nice folk of wonderland meet up to discuss shared policies and hidden enchantments and to discuss any other problems that need to be but to bed.

The game is very straightforward when it comes down to it. You must plan and organise the annual summit, and the choices you make affect the story as it’s played out as various scenarios can change due to your decisions and choices.

I found myself clicking the A button loads as generally not a bit fan of story-based games this was because of the lengthy dialogues

various scenarios come to light, will you stop the king of clubs by stopping him from starting a war on the other kings and princes, and will the Julie of the diamond nation make another deadly enemy.

Is he duke of Jorge having an affair with the queen of hearts? the aim of the game is to explore and negotiate the likes and dislikes of your quests throughout the lengthy dialogs. Did I say I hate these types of games?

In the game itself you can view the players codex this contains information which you unlock throughout the story, this includes characters relationships, secrets. motivation and much more you will need these to plan events and pairing up the couples.

The presentation for the game has some nice-looking book art, some of which I’m still not convinced it’s designed for kids, but what do I know and to be fair, it’s not bad to look at.

Some of the artwork will change thou all depending on the actions and emotions that have been carried out, and it does get captured well in the book type look it’s trying to portray.

The voice acting isn’t really much to be desired the high-pitched shriek from the jumped-up little princess was a highlight of my evening well spent. This isn’t a massive game and wouldn’t give you hours of entertainment, but if you love the tails of the wonderland world, this might be the game for you.

Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit’s Diary

Review by Colin Cashin



If you have kids this may be a game you’d like to play along with together if you’re a adult then maybe this may not be for you. Either way can’t knock anything till you try it.


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