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The Knight Witch – All Cheats

The Knight witch is a colourful, fun and at times incredibly challenging 2D adventurer shooter from Team 17, you can check out our review right HERE.

If you’re diving into the game early and struggle with some near bullet-hell stages, there’s a cheats menu, which can be utilised to make things a little easier or harder.

To enter a cheat, you have 4 symbols that can be placed in 4 slots, left to right, and these offer the chance of making things tougher by enabling Glass Rayne who dies with a single hit or making things considerably easier, with slower enemy bullets, unlimited Mana or invulnerability.

To enable the following cheats, head to the cheat menu under the settings tab on the pause screen.

The four symbols each have their own colour and number of circles to identify them..
0 – Blue
1 – Green
2 – Orange
3 – Purple

Here’s the full list of cheats available…

2,0,1,3 – Invulnerability
0,3,3,0 – Unlimited Mana
3,3,3,3 – Enemies Sometimes Drop Health
1,1,2,2 – Double shard Drops
0,1,2,3 – Glass Rayne (1-hit death)
2,0,2,2 – Unlimited Weapon Durability
1,3,1,3 – Slower Enemy Bullets
3,2,1,0 – Show Damage Numbers

Obviously, we recommend using these cheats with caution, don’t ruin the game for yourself, but with the option to turn them on and off at any time, it’s worth enabling a few, even if only to get an achievement the first time you switch one on.

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