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Steel Defier – Out Now

Ratalaika Games and Brazilian Indie developers Virdino Studios have launched Steel Defier onto Xbox, Playstation, Switch and PC.
A fast-paced game set on board a large prison spaceship, it’s your challenge as the last survivor to locate the landing site, steal a smaller spaceship and finally escape this hell hole.

While all the other lawbreakers might be dead, the on board defence systems aren’t so you’ll need to run, dodge and jump away from dangers as you collect suit upgrades to boost your chance of survival.
With 40 rooms and a variety of traps in each, it’s not easy task, but as the only survivor left, it’s your only option if you want freedom.


Everysingle room has a different combination of traps, with different speed multipliers and even environmental conditions, like the power outage that limits the player’s field of view and produces a quite scary alarm sound.
Eachtrap moves at a different speed, covers a different amount of walkable area and sometimes even follows the player or explodes after a short delay. To counter them, the player is advised to collect as many suit upgrades as possible, like the ability to slow down time, dash through traps and even double jump.
Everyitem in the game will grant a different ability to the player, allowing them to enhance their dodging capabilities in unique ways. Some suit upgrades even have “secret” usages, for example: the dash ability is mainly used to traverse the environment faster, but you can also use it to go through traps without being harmed.
The player isn’t able to directly fight the spaceship’s defence system, as he’s not equipped with a gun. However, the game is still packed with action, since the player will always be surrounded by increasingly more aggressive traps. Also, with every suit upgrade the player will become more powerful and capable of overcoming any challenge.Plus lots more……………………

Steel Defier is available now at for only £4.99 (currently only £3.99 at the time of writing)
We’ll have a full review soon, so keep one eye on the oldies for our final opinion on this fun indie title.

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