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Project Winter is available now on Xbox Series X|S

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This new version of the Traitors role encourages “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing” styled strategies when betraying friends. Traitor buffs are now gained from sabotaging, trapping, stealing, and breaking bunkers to create a theoretical “safety net” in case a plan backfires.

The biggest change takes the form of spending quality time with unsuspecting Survivors, with the more time spent alongside them awarding more information and additional buffs. An extra sabotaging method has also been introduced, allowing Traitors to alter the cabin map board to show fake locations.

Themed Holiday Breakables will now populate the icy-fields during specific times of year taking the form of spooky pumpkins, Christmas presents, colorful easter eggs, among other thematic items. Breaking open each holiday’s representational icon drops resources that can maybe turn the tides of conflict.

Future community events will keep track of these breakables and set goals around them.

Project Winter, the eight person social deception survival game with more than 2.5 million players from developer Other Ocean (MediEvil 2019, Minecraft 3DS), shadowdropped a fresh content update during the November PC Gaming Show completely reworking the Traitor role, adding two new sub-roles, and promising holiday-themed breakables for future community challenges.

Watch November Update Trailer Here

Two additional role types have also snuck into the icy fray, one each for the Survivors and the Traitors.

In the base game mode, the Immune is now a possible role Survivors may find themselves as, remaining fully unaffected by chaotic global events.

In the Blackout DLC game mode, the Necromancer is a possible version of Traitor that can be seen skulking around waiting for the right moment to revive the dead player of their choice.

Project Winter is available now on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S|One with a new price of $9.99 USD.

For more information about Other Ocean, please visit the official website, follow the studio on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Discord, as well as search #ProjectWinter on social media.

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