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Free Overwatch 2 skins this week

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Overwatch 2 has been available for just over 3 weeks and while there’s plenty of debate over the price of the cosmetics compared to the old loot box system, there’s some good news for those looking to improve their skins collection.

The Overwatch League Playoffs 2022 started yesterday and will run until Thursday with the grand finals on Friday 5th November.
Not only can you unlock 6 icons, 2 sprays hundreds of OWL tokens and a name card, but there’s also a total of 35 home and away skins to get your hands on, so here’s what you’ll need to do.

After 3 hours of watching the live streams, you’ll start unlocking cosmetics, with skins for Tracer, Genji and Bastion, here’s the complete list of perks and how many hours you’ll need to unlock them.

There has been a little confusion over whether or not watching the official Youtube channel @PlayOverwatch will count towards the unlocks, but the official website states “OverWatchLeague” so to make sure you’re working towards the unlocks, you’ll need to make sure you’re viewing the correct channel .

We’ll have more news about Overwatch 2 soon, so while watching those streams, always keep one eye on Xbox Oldies.