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Formula Retro Racing Review.

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Formula Retro Racing is a retro style arcade racing game that’s influenced by the classic arcade racing games of the early 90’s.

It features fast and exciting gameplay, crisp low poly visuals, retro soundtrack, and high-speed action.

Race through a diverse range of tracks across various game modes to beat your personal best times and compete in the Formula Retro Racing leader boards.

It’s the weekend again and finally another racing game to sink my teeth into, when I was asked to do a racing game my eyes lit up, when I was told it was a retro based racing game, I was intrigued to see how the game would unfold in front of me, was it a arcade racer or a virtual racer.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised as Formula Retro Racing is hugely centred around the wonderful world of formula one racing based in a retro world just like the classic ridge racer, thinking about ridge racer not sure most folk can remember that far back.

Formula Retro racing from the start plays and looks brilliant it really is a fun to play, getting used the he controls isn’t really much to write about as its point and drive with the occasional brake thrown in to get you round a tight corner, this is where the game is at its best as I feel that going back to the basic controls and being a retro arcade driving game just makes it more addictive.

With all arcade driving games its all about timing your corners and pushing your skills to make it to the next check point before the counter depletes (Arcade mode only), however there is multiple other modes available to play.

When you start of as a beginner your skills are only needed in small doses, but pushing the mode up makes it more challenging as damaging your car becomes a massive factor as outperforming your rivals is a must.

The circuits you play unlock as you gain more points from winning races or playing on the more challenging modes, either beginner advanced or expert. What was a slight disappoint to me was that you have a selection of cars but they don’t behave any differently as they drive and race exactly the same, I was somewhat expecting that you’ll have a car for a twisty circuit like Monaco that handles and is quicker on corners or a car that’s better on straights I was so wrong and as I said very disappointed with this.

But let’s be honest the game is just fun to play and to boom around the tracks and perfect in that respect, although the AI’s and the collisions are annoying at times, but what arcade racer doesn’t have collisions in the race it’ll just be shocking if this was missing from the game.

So with that mind let’s talk about the sound, I really liked some of the tracks in the game itself but I did think that when it ended it was a few seconds before it was looped back again before you had done one or two laps. The engine sounds were a classic old school arcade sound similar to any racer you found in the local arcade.

Visually, the low graphics in Formula retro Racing, I believe, are spot on, but some minor tweaks are 100% needed the decelopers should add a mirror or an option to dumb down the aggressive AI drivers.

Formula Retro Racing is available to buy on the Microsoft store for a small amount of change and retailing for £4.99.

Would I recommend this game to others, 1000% I would, for the price and the arcade style of gameplay this is a must buy for any driving enthusiast

Formula Retro Racing Review.

Colin Cashin



Would I recommend this game to other 1000% I would for the price and the arcade style of gameplay this is a must buy for any driving enthusiast.


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