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Death or Treat Review

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Hello old folk we are just coming into another weekend its nearly Friday and we have another game to review, not sure if its Halloween yet but we have a Halloween themed game and we’ve not even completed summer yet.

But when my fellow Oldie Lee said ‘’Hey Col, want to play a new game’’ and it’s right up your alley, I was quite intrigued.

This side scrolling Halloween action game Death or treat sees you play a little scary ghost that uses his skills to make way trough various levels without dying, sounds easy well to be honest with my nimble reflexes it really isn’t trust me.

But it is so much fun whipping all the deadly enemies and end bosses that stand in front of you is hellishly Moorish. You really can’t beat a hack and slash game.

The main goal is for you to gather your spirit and put hallowtown to how it used to be, not an easy task as the title says it all.

Sigh yep beware that you will die a lot, what I mean by that is when you die, and you will find yourself back at the beginning again death will come in abundance save me from the grim reaper you’ll be calling.

I have to say slashing and hacking away at the mobs in front of you is lots of fun, but the death factor can be a kick in the balls time after time again after again but every death you’ll learn from it.

As you move through the levels you start collecting little blue orbs that look like spirits or blue pumpkins which I’ve not decided which is which but these can be collected and used back in hollowtown to purchase more scary weapons and powerful skills so what kills you can only make you stronger.

Even though you die like every 5 minutes everything you harvest, you will get to keep it, it’ll just be the progress you’ll lose as I said back to the beginning you go….

Death or Treat is a nice-looking game with visually nice-looking artwork it really does stand out from the rest. I love how the mobs look and the way they move.

The main character does looks a bit like our friendly ghost with a slightly menacing face, but i guess a ghost will always look like a ghost regardless if it is Casper in a scary looking form, however I really like how this game plays and looks it really is a treat to your eyes.

The sound is on point where it needs to be with the hacking and slashing and mobs that go bump in the night, I really think for its value it’s 100% and worth every penny.

So would I recommend this game? Yeah, it’s a lot of fun, and as the other Oldie said, it’s so up my alley.

Death or Treat

Colin Cashin



Even though you die like every 5 minutes everything you harvest you will get to keep, it’ll just be the progress you’ll lose as I said back to the beginning you go….Very Entertaining and so much fun to play.


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