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Dead Space is out Now

Dead Space is out now and it looks like we have a little gem on our hands.
I’ll be the first to admit remakes, remasters, prequels and sequels aren’t my first choice of games to play, but when a franchise has been quiet for over a decade, I’m more than happy to see a 15 year old game remade for the latest generation.

Dead Space was widely regarded as one of the best survival-horror and action-adventure games of the Xbox 360 era and it looks like the remake is on track to wow audiences all over again.

As you can see above, our friends over at OpenCritic are already going wild about the return of Isaac, with an impressive Mighty rating, and a whipping 96% of critics recommending EA’s return to the USG Ishimura.
We were a little late to the intergalactic tea-party, but we have requested review code, so fingers crossed we will have a full review for you in the coming weeks.

Until then be sure to check out the before and after images on the official Dead Space website, to see exactly how impressive this remake looks compared to the original.

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