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Cities Skylines 2 & The Lamplighters League Coming to GamePass Day 1.

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Paradox Interactive showcased some of their latest creations at today’s Paradox Show aired live on Youtube at 5pm GMT, and the “presented by Xbox” might have given it away, but we were hoping for some GamePass news, and sure enough they didn’t disappoint.

Both trailers for The Lamplighters League and Cities Skylines 2 (below) show “Xbox GamePass” which is strictly included on a trailer when it’s available day and date on Xbox Game Pass.

With Cities Skylines and Cities Skylines Remastered both also available on GamePass it’s clear Microsoft and Paradox have a great relationship, so now we just have to wait for release dates before we know more.

You can find out more about The Lamplighters League here…

And Cities Skylines Fans can catch the full announcement here.

If you missed the showcase and want to see the whole stream, you’ll find it right here.

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