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Children of Silentown.

Being an Xbox Oldie I’ve played a few Adventure point and click games over the years, oh this really takes me back to the Monkey Island original days on the Spectrum 128k, you young folk will have to google that as we are talking a few years ago now. I can hear it loading now…bzzzz beep.

In Children of Silentown, you play a young quizative girl called Lucy to which you need to navigate and find your way around town figuring various puzzles out and to try and save the world from mysterious mayhem and beasts.

Silentown is a lovely town Lucy calls home and is a town which is currently in a state rule of No Shouting, No playing games, and No Singing, and on top of that you’ve to make sure you’re in before it gets dark. Yes, that’s right, no fun and games what so ever.

This sounds like my youth, or did I have to wait for the lights on the streets to come on first. come on Colin focus this is supposed to be a review.

If you do not adhere to these rules set by the elders, you’re going to upset the monsters that live in the woods located beside silentown.

A fair few folks have gone missing of late they’ve been taken away, and once you’ve taken, there isn’t a way back from what we are told. Yes, they have gone now forever, Muhahahhaaha.

Despite all the harsh rules Lucy and co try and go about their daily everyday life playing games like typical children do whilst doing childlike stuff.

People suddenly just go missing and Lucy starts asking more and more questions.

Suddenly, the monsters take away a family member. They should have taken that pesky cat instead. Lucy decides she is done with all this bullshit and she heads to the woods, in search of answers of why people keep getting taken away from the town.

The game itself plays well there isn’t much other than point and click so you don’t have to stress about the dynamics of the game and the controls too much, but with various puzzle types placed to enhance the gameplay and various musical puzzles help to spice up the game it really is a joy to play.

Some of the puzzles involve sewing together ripped memories which I found lots of fun trying to put back together but after a while somehow feels a tad tedious and sometimes vey stressful, being a old gamer doesn’t help as my patience isn’t the greatest.

The artwork and graphics are pleasant to see visually while your immersed into the game and is put together very well, whilst the music is a tad quirky this does intensifies the scenes while you play through them I really did enjoy the artwork and sounds when I got immersed into the game.

The only real issue I had with the Children of Silentown was that it didn’t really have a tips or hint section for the game this would have been really helpful as some parts of the game it took me awhile to figure out what to do next, as some I parts I’d really couldn’t figure what I was supposed to be doing.

Nevertheless it wasn’t necessary all the time. I will chalk that down to being old and my mind is not what it used to be.

Children of Silentown

Review by Colin Cashin



The Children of Silentown is a lovely tale, that has so many twists and turns and has various endings so I’m told. I will certainly have to look into coming back to this game again at some point, but I’m certainly happy with what I’ve played so far, the question is would I recommend this to a friend, Yes I think I would and for £17.99 its not a bad price you’ll certainly get 10+ hours out of this and with various ending’s you may get more out of it.


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