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Bus Sim 2021: Next Stop

With the release of Fernbus simulator today, one thing that became immediately apparent was how new it feels, graphics, attention to detail and a general next-gen feeling not seen in Bus Sim 2021, but low and behold hours later, we have the announcement of Bus Sim 2021: Next Stop, which sees the popular inner-city bus service reach v2.0 with a brand-new career mode, a free map extension and a dedicated version for Xbox Series X|S.

Due for release on the 23rd May, there’s also a “Gold Edition” and upgrade, which will package the game with all previously released DLC.

You’ll find full details below the announcement trailer;

With the big Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop update for the main game, bus aficionados can look forward to numerous game, AI and other detail improvements. In addition, a completely new game mode awaits the players: The new career mode combines the well-known sandbox mode with the economic system of the campaign. Instead of having to unlock everything bit by bit by completing missions, players can choose from all bus stops and bus models right from the start of the game, so that there are no limits to how far they can build up their own bus company – as long as they manage their start-up capital well, set up and operate routes successfully, expand their bus fleet skillfully and thus work their way up to become a successful local public transport company!

Dedicated versions for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S

Together with the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop update, dedicated versions of the game for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S will also be available for the first time – including improved graphics, Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Trigger support on PS5™, 4K resolution on PS5™ and Xbox Series X and other optimizations specific to the respective consoles. For owners of the PS4™ or Xbox One version of the game, the upgrade to the newer console version will be available for free on the respective platforms!

PC version also on the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store including crossplay on PC

At the same time as the big Next Stop update goes live, Bus Simulator 21 will be available on the Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store for the first time. It is already available on Steam, the PlayStation® Store and the Xbox Store. For PC players: All PC versions of the game are cross-play compatible, so that PC players can play together in multiplayer – regardless of whether they purchased Bus Simulator 21 for PC in retail, on Steam, on the Epic Games Store or on the Microsoft Store!

Free official map extension for all owners of the game

Another highlight of the Next Stop update is the release of the big official map extension as a free DLC, which has been eagerly awaited by fans of the game. Players can look forward to accessing a huge new area in the north of the US map “Angel Shores”. In addition to numerous new campaign missions, a completely new feature awaits them in the mountainous nature reserve with its idyllic lakes, forests and villageswild animals crossing! So be careful when driving through the impressive landscapes!

Gold Edition and Gold Upgrade combine the main game with all DLCs released so far

Meanwhile, with Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Gold Edition, new bus fans can look forward to the all-in-one package. The Gold Edition will become available in Q2 2023, both digitally and in stores, and includes not only Bus Simulator 21 but also all previously released paid DLCs for the game – including the MAN Bus Pack, the IVECO BUS Bus Pack, the VDL Bus Pack, the USA Skin Pack, the Angel Shores Insider Skin Pack, and the Protect Nature Interior Pack. Those who already own the main game can alternatively purchase the additional content bundled via the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Gold Upgrade on the digital platforms. All other free bonus DLCs for the game will of course still be available for free on the respective digital platforms.

Bus Simulator 21 is currently available at a price of 34.99 EUR (RRP) for PC and 49.99 EUR (RRP) for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. An overview of selected offers including links to the digital stores can be found here:

The Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop update as well as the dedicated versions for PS5™ and Xbox Series X|S consoles, the PC versions for the Microsoft Store and the Epic Games Store, the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Official Map Extension, and the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Gold Edition will be released on May 23, 2023.

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