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Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator

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I’m a big fan of simulation games and over the last year, I’ve built cities, inhabited alien worlds, driven buses and trains, fixed cars, mowed lawns and fished the north Atlantic.
But one thing I’ve never done is create my own beer, all those barrels, mixing the yeast and waiting a lifetime for it to ferment isn’t my idea of a real-world hobby, but give me the chance to do that in the virtual world, and that’ a different story.

Brewmaster was released on the 27th of October and has a very respectable 5 stars on developed by Auroch digital (the developers behind the fantastic Mars Horizon, Megaquarium and The Colonists), there’s no doubt it’s in safe hands.

So what do you do with Brewmaster, as with any simulation game, you start at the bottom, mixing up your first creation, and slowly improving your recipes until you start getting great feedback, as you progress further in your beer-making journey, you can customise the name and labels o your beers, as well as take photographs to showcase your new beverage.

I’m always looking forward to the next intriguing simulation game, and Beermaster certainly checks the box, you can download it now from the Xbox store for £14.99

There’s the official run-down straight below the following trailer.

Brew your perfect beer in this relaxing home brewing sim. Use a realistic chemistry simulation to brew hoppy IPAs to creamy stouts. Customise your brewing space, create recipes and label your beer, unlock new equipment and enter competitions. Learn to brew, refine your craft and become a Brewmaster!

Discover, learn and master the art of homebrewing in the ultimate celebration of craft beer.

From perfecting authentic, chemistry-driven brewing techniques to naming, bottling and labelling – refine your craft to become the ultimate Brewmaster in the first ever realistic beer brewing experience. With all the tricks of the trade and the best equipment at your disposal, follow a recipe, or experiment with a huge variety of real-world ingredients to hone your skills. Enter friendly competitions, earn beer tokens, and upgrade your equipment to become an even better brewer.

Choose to experience the story-led Brewmaster mode or throw yourself into Creative Mode, a sandbox with everything unlocked.

Set up your home brewery

Create the ideal space to spend relaxing hours making your perfect beer. Unlock your favourite equipment and decorate your brewing space. Use beer tokens to buy better equipment to truly make it your own space.

Create your recipe

Concoct a variety of different types of beer, including wheats, blondes, stouts, IPAs and more while improving your brewing skills. Perfect recipes, improve the taste, design your own labels, and then submit your beers to local competitions and breweries to gain reputation and beer tokens. Built for complete beginners to beer aficionados alike; learn the basics of the beer brewing process with a range of recipes to choose from, or get creative with total freedom to brew your own unique flavours.

Brew your dream beer

Mash malts, boil hops, and pitch yeast to kick-start fermentation. Build your repertoire of homebrewing skills with a variety of brewing techniques to master a range of craft beer styles. This relaxing and deeply satisfying sim will let you experience the rewarding and unhurried pleasure of homebrewing, without worrying about money or space.

Realistic and authentic

Brewmaster is a detailed, authentic game driven by a simulation of real brewing chemistry, and a deep understanding of the real-life fermentation processes. That doesn’t mean you have to have a degree in chemistry. The hard formulas happen behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on the best bits of beer brewing fun.

Refine your craft

Once you’ve produced your ideal brew, do your beer justice with an eye-catching label and a memorable name. Tweak and personalise every element of your beer and boost your renown at beer festivals. As your work becomes respected, you’ll submit to local breweries for batch production, expand your network, and unlock bigger jobs and more challenging recipes. A true Brewmaster is always learning!

Celebrate the art of brewing

You’ll be using cutting-edge technology, but brewing is a craft with a long lineage dating back to 10,000BCE. We were harnessing the real-life alchemy of fermentation before we’d even unlocked “writing” on our species’ skill tree.

So join this honourable and ancient craft, hone your skills and flex your creativity as you explore the depth and breadth of craft beer in the 21st Century and add your chapter to the ongoing history of brewing!