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BOOM! Mission: Save your beloved and the crumbling world. Easy peasy.

Broken Universe – Tower Defence on Xbox consoles this Friday – December 2nd
Travel your spaceship across a variety of planets, and defeat different monsters on each of them as you build barricade labyrinths and obstacles in this adorable yet strenuous tower defence game.


Roco is just an everyday racoon. He’s just given his sweetheart a pretty necklace… which caused the ENTIRE universe to explode! She’s nowhere to be found and he’s the only one who can save her.

The explosion wrecked the entire universe. One might even say that it’s… broken. Roco with the help of a ragtag group of scientists needs to protect his ship from incoming attacks. 


Help Roco reach his goal and destroy the enemy waves in this unique tower defense game. Your brain is your biggest weapon. Decide where to land and how to fight your way out of the enemy’s hands. 

Block all paths or guide monsters down a long line of fire. Find out which towers and barriers are the best for your unique playstyle.

– Dozens of towers and barriers to choose from
– Cute aesthetic
– Interesting Story Mode
– Unique maps and challenges
– Giant game-changing monster

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