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Blood bowl 3 Review.

On paper, Blood Bowl 3 should be the type of game I would like as I’m into American football as much as an Englishman can be, Come on, you Packers.

I’d like to believe that I understand the American sport of what they call football. However, when it comes to tabletop games, I know little information on this topic.

In this mash up sport, it’s all about causing damage to your opponents and scoring what is called a touchdown while causing as much mayhem as possible while doing so.

I’m a newbie to this series of games and haven’t ever touched or played any of the earlier Blood Bowls, so this will be a review based on what I can see and have played first hand.

I have been playing on and off for the last week as first of all I was getting really frustrated by not understanding the game mechanics, the tutorial really is hard to understand at first and to plan your first move was really confusing. Maybe it’s because I’m old and I have no concept off how people play this type of game, or maybe it just badly explained, possibly a bit of both.
I mean, what’s not to like violence and football? Mixed up with Warhammer and blood and gore, this should be right up my street, right?

The graphics and cinematics’ look good when it comes to the game itself, and when you finally become able to understand the way to plan a move and execute a move, this is a massive turning point. I’ve just spent the first few hours trying to bloody kick a ball, and I’m not going to lie. it was very frustrating, to say the least maybe this would be something Cyanide Studio’s could have thought about a little more as not all players have played this type of game before and a better tutorial should have been put in place.

The single player campaign gives you a better understanding how to learn to compose moves which in turn will helps you adapt to most situations, obviously the more you play the better you become and the more effective your moves will become.

In Blood Bowl 3 you have a few races you can select from, and what I can see a fair bit of customisation can be picked also by assigning players special moves and abilities and upgrading a player, the game itself is fun when you can finally submit a move. But what I can gather is that there are some ongoing bugs that need to be ironed out, maybe this was why the multiplayer option wasn’t available, which I’m not sure but maybe was just unlucky when I logged online. I’ve also been told that the game needs to have an online connection and is a known issue. Let’s hope this gets addressed soon.

From that, I can gather from my short stint playing Blood Bowl 3 is that you’ll need players with certain aspects on their stats. slapping an orc in the defence is a must, and giving them strength and agility will make them good at breaking the opponent’s bones or noses and causing them pain, it’s a given right. working and playing with these stats will enhance the game.

The reason I feel that the game let me down in the gameplay department was the AI and the single-player campaigns and the incredibly poor tutorial. I’m not sure what I was expecting to play when I picked up BloodBowl for the first time. It certainly didn’t live up to its hype, I’ve heard. However, I’m sure it will be to the Blood Bowl followers.

Would I recommend this game to others? ‘ ‘No’ sadly not” they’d need to fix the online side of the game first, I do feel that the table top and the Blood Bowl community will certainly have a lot of fun playing this game as I said earlier on paper this should float my boat but it sank massively for me.

Blood Bowl 3 Review

Colin Cashin



I’m not sure what I was expecting to play when I picked up BloodBowl for the first time. It certainly didn’t live up to its hype, I’ve heard. However, I’m sure it will be to the Blood Bowl followers.


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