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Arcade Paradise stealth drops bargain £3.49 DLC

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We revealed the rumours a few days ago, but today, Arcade Paradise hasn’t just brought us news about the forthcoming DLC, they’ve released it alongside the new v1.6 update.

Coin-op pack 1 features 3 new games, and while most of my own predictions were a little way off I’m hoping the devs took on board our love for a downhill skiing/snowboarding game.
The three machines we have got are, a lightgun shooter called Smoke ‘Em, a new Dancing game known as Cyber Dance Euro Mix and finally some weird device called Empathy.

The DLC is available now, costing only £3.49/$3.99, or there’s the option to buy each machine individually for just £1.79/$1.99, with such a reasonable entry price, I can see plenty returning to KingWash Arcade.

But that’s not all, today also marks the release of v1.6, which promises Arcade fixes, better upgrades and fewer beeping watches.

Overall I found Arcade Paradise pretty stable over my 65 hours with the game but it’s great to see the developers wanting to improve and expand on the already fantastic base game.

We’re sure Coin-Op pack 1 isn’t the last we’ll see of Arcade Paradise, so keep your eyes on Xbox Oldies for more news as we get it.