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Arcade Paradise DLC leaked!

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Arcade Paradise has to go down as one of my favourite games of the year, cramming over 30 retro games, into an arcade management simulator, with high scores and enough nostalgia to take you back to the 80s.

After finding a small glitch on Communists from Mars and setting a World record score, I’ve been keeping up with their social channels, and with a few recent tweets, it’s become pretty obvious we’re going to be getting some new DLC soon which will bring more retro games to our virtual arcades.

Could this be a snow/skateboarding machine?

This was the image that appeared on the official Arcade Paradise twitter account, on the 27th October, showcasing what looks to be a Snowboarding or Skateboarding game, I’m personally veering towards Snowboarding like “Top Skater”, because secret image number 2, could easily be a similar game, possibly a Ski racer?

2 days later, on the 29th of October, another mysterious image appeared, this time it was a little tougher to decipher, but the response to my tweet seems to confirm either a test your strength arm-wrestler or a Skiing game.

Finally, less than an hour ago a 3rd teaser dropped, which looks sure to please…
With what looks suspiciously like a light gun on the left, could this be something along the lines of Virtua Cop, Time Crisis or House of the Dead?
Either way with the quality packed into every arcade game already in Arcade Paradise, I’m sure these new additions will be great fun to get our hands on.

There’s not currently any news on a release date or pricing, heck we’ve not even had official confirmation, but from my own experience in public relations, I’m pretty sure we’ll hear more in the next few days, with a full announcement about the DLC within a week or so, and release, quite possibly late November or early December ready to treat your favourite retro gamers for Christmas.

Either way, make sure you keep your eyes on Xbox Oldies because I’m certain it won’t be long before we hear more about what’s next for King Wash Arcade.