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AEW: Fight Forever revealed

Remember when Wrestling games were good… Whether that’s Smackdown back in 2000, the Smackdown Vs Raw franchise, but the last few years have been a little underwhelming, one notable absence from the last few years is the developer, Yuke’s – Wrestling game royalty who were last seen in the ring for 2018’s 2K19

Well, they’re back in the arena and this weekend, Yuke’s and THQ Nordic officially debuted all-new AEW: Fight Forever gameplay footage at All Elite Wrestling’s Pay Per View spectacular FULL GEAR!

Wrestlers Orange Cassidy, Bryan Danielson, MJF, Sting and Jade Cargill were also revealed as part of AEW: Fight Forever’s in-game talent roster of more than 50 wrestlers.

I’ll admit, Ive hardly seen any AEW Wrestling and it’s been a few years since I even attempted to keep up with the ongoing soap-opera called WWE, but when AEW: Fight Forever comes to Xbox in 2023, you can look forward to a wide range of features..

Single, Tag 3 ,& 4 way match types, as well as ladder matches, battle royale and more out-there options such as exploding barbed wire death matches.

There’ll be a full career mode on offer as well as a wide range of customisation options from a wrestler’s appearance and attire, to their move-set and entrance. You’ll also have a chance to customise teams and arenas to make AEW your own fight. There will also be leaderboards and online multiplayer so you can beat-up your best mates without any comeback.

There’s no doubt jumping on a massive battle royale with friends is going to be great fun, so keep an eye on the oldies for more AEW: Fight Forever in the coming months.

You can also tune into All Elite Arcade on Twitch this Wednesday at 11 am est / 4pm GMT, for even more AEW: Fight Forever footage!

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